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PromptDog teleprompter software Windows version download
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  • Pause & Restart Updated!
    Simply press the space bar to pause and restart prompter at same scroll speed. Can be mapped to programmable remote controls!
  • Quick Rewind
    Super fast mouse wheel rewind to back up a few lines for rapid re-takes.
  • International Languages New!
    Out-of-the-box support for non English languages and special characters
  • QuickSearch
    Instantly jump to a specific word or phrase in both the script editor and operator window.
  • ezEdit
    Make on-the-spot script revisions with the 'always available' script edit button.
  • Smooth Quiet Scrolling
    Adjust prompter speed with mouse scroll wheel, laptop trackpad or up/down arrow keys (which can also be mapped to programmable remote controls!)
  • Change Display Settings
    Control text size, font, line spacing and invert black text on white background directly from the main operator window.
  • Colorize Text
    Easily colorize specific sections of your script to emphasize specific words or designate different segments for multiple speakers.
  • Read Timer
    Keep track of script read time with elapsed time and total estimated read time updated in real-time.
  • Second Talent Window
    Optional second display for sessions with seperate operator and talent. Perfectly synchronized and resizable.
  • Mirrored Text
    One click text reversal for use with high-end and diy hardware alike. Displayed via an optional second talent monitor, the reversed text will appear normal when reflected off half silvered glass placed directly in front of the camera.
  • Adjustable Eyeline Indicator
    Click 'n' drag eyeline indicators on left, right or both. Transparency adjustable and automatically mirrored in second monitor.

Why Use a Teleprompter?

Teleprompters are cool. Putting a half-silvered mirror in front of the camera so the talent can read magically floating white letters scrolling upward while looking straight down the barrel of the camera lens is a great way to save the trouble of memorizing lengthy scripts and make shoots go faster, smoother and better.

Even without a mirror, you can put a laptop above or below the camera to achieve almost the same thing.

What’s Wrong with Teleprompters?

Professional teleprompters cost too much, and some aren’t designed very well. They usually run you more than a thousand dollars (though the expensive ones usually include a small dedicated monitor and/or box with mirror).

We consider this highway robbery. Small LCD monitors can be purchased for under $100 . . . and half-silvered mirrors and boxes are just not that expensive ;-)

What is PromptDog?

PromptDog is a software-only teleprompter designed by, one of the world’s most respected video training companies. We created PromptDog because we just couldn't find a decent teleprompter for our own shoots. We’ve tweaked this software extensively - sometimes right on the set - until it worked perfectly to our very demanding standards.

And now we’re offering it to you . . . at a fraction of the price of competing, inferior solutions!

PromptDog teleprompter software Windows version download
PromptDog teleprompter software Mac version download
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